Second Hand and Refurbished

Kenwood NX-300SE refurbished
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NX-300SE reconditioned

Digital FM radio UHF (without keypad) - ETSI certification

Characteristics :

- 64 channels
- 4 zones
- RSSI indicator
- emergency calls
- VOX function

What is the reconditioned equipment?

Buying used equipment can sometimes be perilous for the buyer, unless this purchase is made with professionals whose business it is.
The reconditioned equipments we offer are used equipments that we test and repair completely.
All the reconditioned units that leave our workshops have followed a precise process:

- Diagnosis through different tests according to the categories of products.
- Repairs and replacement of defective parts.
- Cleaning or replacement of hulls, screens ... depending on the products and the type of services.
- Final test for control.

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Second Hand and Refurbished : Kenwood NX-300SE refurbished kenwood-nx-300se.png

Kenwood NX-300SE refurbished

  • NX-300S-E
    UHF Two-Way radio Kenwood NX300SE refurbished as new
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