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MotoTrbo by Motorola Location DP3600

Motorola DP3600 Rental

MOBILE TEAM can offer flexible solutions for your occasional or seasonal need, we have custom made rental solutions of the following :

- Analogue portables
- Analogue mobiles
- Digital portables
- Digital mobiles
- ATEX portables

MOBILE TEAM offer you :

- Skill : two-way radio specialist, MOBILE TEAM have the knowledge to give you the best solution

- Reactivity : depending upon the quantities and the equipments you have chosen, we will put everything in place to request within 10 day

- Flexibility : standard rental or complete management solutions of your inventory, from 20 to more than 1000 units, we can adapt to your requirements

- Availability : our stock of more than 1 000 products enables us to repond quickly

- Savings : the cost of maintaining stock throughout the year for inventory requirement far outweight the costs that we charge for renting equipment on a short term basis

To set up a ski resort for a season or to supply two-way radio equipment for a sporting event, your need is not the same.

MOBILE TEAM offers you a range of two-way radio that you can hire that are suitable for all needs :

- Radio to complete your parc or in principal
- Old or new generation equipment
- Short or long term : from 2 days to 6 months
- From 2 to 200 units
- In option: repeaters, batteries, chargers ...

For example, we can rent out :

- Motorola GP340 UHF
- Motorola GP340 VHF

Get the best price with Mobile Team.

MotoTrbo by Motorola
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Rental Walkie Talkie : MotoTrbo by Motorola Location DP3600 mototrbo-dp3600.jpg

MotoTrbo by Motorola Location DP3600

  • DP3600 Motorola
    Location DP3600 Motorola
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