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Entel HT926T ATEX


- VHF: 136-174 MHZ
- Submersible to IP68 (5 metres for 1 hour)
- 1800mAh Li-Ion battery
- Flash upgradeable to add future features
- Robust accessory socket
- 1023 channels
- 8-key keypad
- Scrolling graphic LCD display
- Channel naming
- Multi-function encoder control
- Voice annunciation (option)
- Bluetooth™ wireless communications (option)
- VOX hands free (with audio accessory)
- Call a group, individual or all radios at once
- 255 user contact list (just like a mobile phone)
- Multiple ringtones
- Battery charge count
- Battery level indicator
- Low battery warning.
- Receive signal strength indicator
- Invert display
- Intuitive menus (like a mobile phone)
- Info button (user guide built in to radio)
- Speed dial
- Who's calling (caller ID)
- Missed, received & dialled numbers lists
- Selectable "profiles"
- DTMF dial mode - keypad
- Stun & alarm a lost or stolen radio (& revive if found)
- Programmable scrambler (voice inversion)
- Power on password option
- Local Personal Attack Alarm
- Panic button with remote alert
- Emergency microphone live
- Lone Worker alarm mode
- Man Down alarm mode (option)
- Silent alarm call mode
- Continue alarm even if switched off
- Manual location information with emergency
- Bluetooth fully automatic indoor location information (option)
- Send/display status messages
- Send/display predefined text messages
- Display free format text/email text messages

Standard Package Comprises:

- CNB950E - 7.4v, 1800mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack
- CBH950 - Spring loaded belt clip
- High efficiency antenna (can be exchanged for stubby antenna at point of order)
- User manual

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Entel HT926T ATEX

  • HT 926 T
    Entel HT926T ATEX VHF 136-174 MHZ
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