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Entel HT583 ATEX


All HT500 Series 2 portables are IECEx (Ex ib IIA T4) Intrinsically Safe certified, built to MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F for tough enduring performance and are fully Submersible to IP68 (5 meters depth for 1 hour).


Entel’s HT500 Series 2 portables will exceed the expectations of even the most experienced radio user.

   • Frequency Range : 400-470MHz
   • Push-To-Talk communications with extra features including Individual & Group calling, Lone-Worker protection, Text messaging etc.
   • Fully Submersible to IP68 (5 Meters for 1 Hour)
   • MILSTD 810C/D/E/F
   • IECEx (Ex ib IIA T4) Intrinsically Safe certified.
   • 2 000 mAh Li-Ion battery
   • Flash upgradeable to add future features
   • Robust accessory socket
   • 255 programmable channels
   • Keylock - The keys & controls can be locked by the user or automatically by the radio, to avoid accidental operation.
   • VOX hands free (with audio accessory)
   • Scan/priority scan
   • Programmable channel monitor button
   • Talkaround option
   • 5-Tone Selcall & MPT1327 Trunking for Individual & Group Calling
   • Programmable scrambler (voice inversion) - to encrypt voice and protecting against casual eavesdropping
   • Local Personal Attack Alarm
   • Lone-Worker & Man-Down Alarms
   • Exceptionally loud audio
   • High visibility back-lit LCD
   • Color - black

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Entel HT583 ATEX

  • HT583
    4W Analogue, non EU version
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