Analog Mobiles

Motorola CM340



! Discontinued product ! Available in Second-hand


Simple single-digit display
Targeted Communication
Desktop tray with integrated speaker
Keylock mount guards
"emergency mode"
X-pand voice compression and low level expansion
Lone worker
Mil spec: 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F
Single-digit LED indicator
10 channels
5-Tone Signalling
VHF : 146-174 Mhz
UHF1 : 403-440 Mhz
UHF2 : 438-470 Mhz

The package includes:
1 mobile radio
1 microphone
1 power cable battery
1 Mounting Bracket
1 User Manual

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Analog Mobiles : Motorola CM340 motorola-cm340.jpg

Motorola CM340

    Motorola CM340 VHF R2 25W 10CH 5T MM304BB
    Motorola CM340 UHF R1 25W 10CH 5T MM504BA
    Motorola CM340 UHF R2 25W 10CH 5T MM504BB
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