Procom MH1-ZP4R / MH 1-ZP4R

Antenna procom MH1-ZP4R


- Sturdy, general-purpose ¼ λ antenna in professional quality.
- Available with glass fiber or stainless steel whip.
- Stainless steel Z-mount with ball-joint and wing screw whip-fastening system.
- Available with bright or black-chromed metal parts (mount and whip):
- MH 1-Z…: Bright version
- MH 1-BZ…: Black version
- Simple mounting exclusively with access from the outside.
- Models with roof thickness from 2 mm to 7.5 mm mounting from the inside.
- Choice between two connection principles: Z-mount:
- FME-connection (supplied without cable).
- ZP4-mount: Permanently attached 4 m cable terminated with FME-connector.
- MH 1-ZP4R : ZP4-mount with 4 m cable + FME-connector BRIGHT

FREQUENCY : Tunable by cutting within: 144…175 MHz (Also applicable: 175…225 MHz)

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Antennas : Procom MH1-ZP4R / MH 1-ZP4R mh1-zd4r.jpg

Procom MH1-ZP4R / MH 1-ZP4R

  • MH1-ZP4R
    Antenne VHF 1/4 d'onde pour mobile
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