Procom CXL 70-3/...

Antenna procom CXL 70-3/F - CXL70-3/f


- This collinear UHF antenna with 3 dBd gain is developed for use on board ships as well as on masts, and thanks to the 1” revolving nut mounting system it can be mounted in the mast, in the auxiliary mast as well as on the cross-beam. By means of Procom’s flange mount type “FLG”, it can also be mounted on deck or rooftop.
- The CXL 70-3/… is in widespread use in connection with
- 450 MHz CELLULAR systems. The antenna makes it possible to extend the – normally land based – CELLULAR telephone system service for maritime use as well, and here the 3 dBd gain of the antenna comes to definite advantage.
- Bear in mind that the higher the antenna is mounted the better coverage.
- Avoid mounting the antenna parallel with and in the neighbourhood of other metal parts, such as masts, supporting wires etc. Free mounting and as high as possible is most preferable, otherwise the SWR and the radiation diagram will be influenced.
- The antenna needs neither loading coils, ground-plane, radials nor other auxiliary arrangements.
- The antenna is a grounded radiator antenna and therefore it shows a DC-short across the coaxial cable.
- A conical glass fibre tube completely encloses the carefully designed radiating element to assure long dependable service in all climates.

CXL 70-3/f : 406 – 430 MHz

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Procom CXL 70-3/...

  • CXL 70-3/s
    110000141, 3 dBd Gain Base Station and Marine UHF Antenna 380 – 410 MHz
  • CXL 70-3/f
    110000140, 3 dBd Gain Base Station and Marine UHF Antenna 406 – 430 MHz
  • CXL 70-3/l
    110000140, 3 dBd Gain Base Station and Marine UHF Antenna 420 – 450 MHz
  • CXL 70-3/h
    110000139, 3 dBd Gain Base Station and Marine UHF Antenna 440 – 470 MHz
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