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With over 1000 units in stock, MOBILE TEAM offers a large range of professionnal and licence-free two-way radios and accessories :


Available among the famous following manufacturers: : Motorola, ICOM, Kenwood, Peltor, MotoTrBo by Motorola, Tait, Nexedge, Vertex Standard, GTS-Honeywell, TP Radio, Entel, HYT, Hytera ...

Products from old and new generations ...

GP380 Motorola

Do you need to buy from a range which line has now been discontinued by the manufacturer? Or do you simply need to buy at a lower cost?



MOBILE TEAM offers you products with attractive prices :

  • new or surplus stock equipment : up to 25% discount on the manufacturer price.
  • refurbished or second hand equipment : up to 50% discount on the price of branded new products.

Refurbished material to equip you at the lowest cost !

To better manage your budget, purchasing second hand material is an economically beneficial solution, especially while buying from professionnals whose mission it is to put your needs and interests first.


MOBILE TEAM - compagny of Rhone Trading CODEO Group, specialised in refurbishing letfover equipment - offers you refurbished two-way radio equipment on a large range of products.


What exactly is refurbished material ?



The two-way radio equipment we supply is pre-owned material that we test thoroughly, in order to ensure that the equipment reaches top quality condition. All the radios are refurbished with Genuine parts.


All the refurbished hardware which leaves our technical departments follow a precise process:


  • Diagnostic tests are carried out throughout the specific product categories
  • Faulty parts are repaired and replaced by new ones
  • The outer casing, screens, etc ... are cleaned or replaced, depending upon the product
  • Products are tested for final quality


Systematically accompanied by a 1 year guarantee, our refurbished products are ready to be re-used for their second life!

Example of refurbished radio : the GP340 Motorola




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