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MOBILE TEAM offers a wide range of telephony equipment and accessories, including:


Among the leading manufacturers: Alcatel, Aastra, Siemens, Panasonic, Ericsson, Jabra, Plantronics, Sennheiser, Crosscall, Iridium ...

Refurbished equipment to equip you at lower cost!

In order for companies to control their (sometimes tight) budgets, the purchase of second-hand equipment has shown to be a very interesting solution, economically and environmentally speaking.

What exactly is refurbished material ?

We buy professional telephony parks as well as Autocom (PaBx and IpBx), we test them completely and refurbish them with original manufacturer parts.

All the refurbished hardware leaving our technical departments follow a precise process:


  • Diagnostic tests are carried out throughout the specific product categories
  • Faulty parts are repaired and replaced by new ones
  • The outer casing, screens, etc ... are cleaned or replaced, depending upon the product
  • Products are tested for final quality



What is a GSM Repeater or Amplifier?

A GSM repeater or amplifier is an electronic device combining a receiver and a transmitter that compensates for signal transmission losses by amplifying the received mobile signal without changing its content.

The mobile phone signal amplifier can increase network coverage in places where signals are not properly received.

The installation of a GSM repeater is recommended in a building or dwelling located in areas where the GSM signal is weak and does not allow a good use of mobile phones.


There are several factors that affect the penetration of the network signal inside buildings:


  • The poor reception of the mobile signal may be due to a distance that is too high with the relay network closest to the reliefs or to electromagnetic effects. Examples: deep valleys, dense forests, warehouses, remote or isolated houses in rural areas, ...
  • The structure of the building can also inhibit the reception of the mobile signal: building materials, the density of the walls, the number of windows or the height of the building. Examples: underground car parks, cellar, metal or concrete structure, warehouses of several floors ...


What are the advantages ?

  • Improved network coverage: Using a GSM repeater allows for a clear improvement in the received signal strength for clear call quality, better reception of data, and a decrease in the number of interrupted calls. Thanks to a signal amplifier, the signal received on your mobile phone, from 2 to 3 bars at the origin can be amplified up to obtain 5 bars, for a maximum coverage.
  • Optimizing Existing Equipment: Using an amplifier allows you to maintain your existing equipment while improving wireless coverage.
  • Simultaneous connection of several users: the most powerful repeaters allow to connect up to 100 mobiles at the same time (the limit is fixed by the operator).
  • Reduction of harmful waves: in an area of poor reception, mobile phones can emit up to 200 times more harmful waves. By amplifying your signal, your mobile will thus release fewer harmful waves.

  • Extend the life of your mobile phone battery.




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