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Worker protection is an issue that can affect all businesses in all industries.

There is a well-defined legal framework that requires companies to equip their employees as self-employed workers.

Definition of isolated worker

- Lone worker: A worker is considered isolated if he is out of sight and out of earshot of other people, even in the geographical proximity.

The notion of Isolation must be understood both in terms of the location of the position, environment, organization or schedules and must be extended to the notion of isolated isolation, as the momentary absence of the colleague usually present alongside the employee.

- Mandown: Protection of the Isolated Worker

- Principle of the mandown alert : To warn in case of abnormal situation, in case of accident, of discomfort, of fall, aggression ... either by a manual alert, or by detection of the loss of verticality or movement, by triggering an automatic cascade of calls and / or SMS to rescue teams or a central monitoring station.
However, everyone can find themselves without real awareness in the position of an isolated worker, example, the secretary who descends to the archives, the department manager who remains after the closure, the cleaning lady who comes after everyone Let's go ... These situations, which are infinitely variable in employees' daily lives, show how important it is to be equipped when you are concerned about the safety of your employees.

Risks related to isolated work

Medical risks:
 Some workers have pathologies that can interrupt the mission or make it dangerous: attack of anxiety, epilepsy, heart attack ...

Psychological risks:
 A situation of isolated worker can lead to reactions more or less well controlled by the worker and lead to a chain of bad procedures.

The risks of accidents:
 The situation of isolation in certain sectors, such as guarding or night work, increases the possibility of aggression.

 Risks related to external violence:
Isolation increases the probability of accident but also its severity, indeed without immediate help the damage caused by the accident can be irremediable.

The risks for workers are at two levels:
 - before the accident, by creating situations favoring risk factors
 - after the accident, aggravating its consequences, lack of localization and call for help

Hence the importance of foresight on 3 types of actions centered on:
- work organization: training, communication and information
- the direct environment and the workstation of the isolated employee
- triggering and emergency management: PTI-DATI equipment

Technical solutions for the protection of isolated workers

With regard to the Protection of the Isolated Worker (Mandown), it is necessary to answer three problems that often coexist, that of the choice of the technology, that of the ergonomics of the product and that of the management mode of the function mandown. The equipment that responds to it is called the Isolated Worker Alarm Device (mandown alarm)

Today the market offers several types of technical solutions that allow personalized responses to companies that intend to be concerned about the protection of the isolated worker:

• Mandown GSM mobile phones based on the operation of mobile phones, they are equipped with an emergency button and a system for detecting loss of verticality. In the event of a mandown alarm, they automatically and cascade the preprogrammed numbers. These devices with a GPS location exist in 2 versions called "full phone" or "restricted phones" do not require any installation and are compatible with all French and foreign operators.

• Mandown beep radios dedicated exclusively to the emission of alarm (without speech possible), these devices stand out by their small size and their great modularity and a rather large range mainly adapted to interior uses ranging from the simple emitter anti aggression to the mandown transceiver with radio terminal location.

• Portable radio mandown which benefit in addition to the mandown functions of the voice communication (Walkie talkie type). Very powerful, these devices allow uses in extreme conditions (outdoor, basements, wetlands). Depending on the model, many options are possible: interconnection of radio devices with the telephone network, location of devices via radio terminals, remotes of doors or gates.

This equipment is also available in versions that meet specific standards such as the ATEX standard or the IP standard.

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