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Analog portables/mobiles

Motorola GP300 VHF 22
Motorola GP300 UHF1 2
Motorola GP300 UHF2 56
Motorola GP320 VHF 1
Motorola GP320 UHF 28
Motorola GP330 UHF 44
Motorola GP330 VHF 2
Motorola GP340 UHF 100++++
Motorola GP340 VHF 100++++
Motorola GP360 UHF 100++++
Motorola GP380 UHF 12
Motorola GP380 VHF 26
Motorola GP344 UHF 33
Motorola GP344 VHF 35
Motorola GP344R UHF 3
Motorola GP388 UHF 12
Motorola GP640 UHF 2
Motorola GP680 UHF 1
Motorola GP360 UHF 4
Motorola CP040 VHF 3
Motorola CP140 VHF 55
Motorola DP1400 analog VHF 2
Motorola GP340 ATEX Bleu UHF 70
Motorola GP340 ATEX Noir UHF 5
Motorola GP380 ATEX Noir UHF 1
Motorola MTP850S 1
Kenwood TK-3160 UHF 9
Kenwood TK-3170 UHF 6
Kenwood TK-2160 VHF 2
Kenwood TK-2170 VHF 2
Vertex VX-231 UHF 25
Vertex VX-924E UHF 30
Icom IC-F25S 9
Icom IC-F44GS 12
Icom IC-F44GS Mandown 4
Icom IC-F4022T 1
Icom IC-F4162T 2
Icom IC-F4GT 2
Icom IC-F4GS 1
Icom IC-F4GS Mandown 1
Icom IC-F12S 4
Icom IC-F22SR 1
Icom IC-F61 61
Icom IC-F3GT 1
TP Radio TP8405 4
TP Radio TP8205 3
TP Radio WDM8705 6
TP Radio WDM8405 1
Motorola GM950 UHF 1
Motorola GM340 VHF 15
Motorola GM340 UHF 10
Motorola GM360 UHF 1
Motorola GM380 UHF 2
Motorola GM360 VHF 10
HYT TM610 UHF 11
Kenwood TK-3201 1
Motorola CM360 80 MHz 1

Digital portables/mobiles

Motorola SL1600 UHF 1
Motorola DP1400 digital VHF 3
Motorola DP3400 UHF 100++++
Motorola DP3400 VHF 13
Motorola DP3401 VHF 55
Motorola DP3600 UHF 11
Motorola DP3600 450-512 MHz 2
Motorola DP3601 VHF 14
Motorola DP4400e UHF 9
Motorola DP4600e UHF 6
Motorola DM4600e UHF 1
Kenwood NX-300SE UHF 12
Kenwood NX-800E UHF 1


Motorola GR340 UHF 2
Motorola CR340 UHF 3
Motorola CR340 VHF 1
Motorola CR360 VHF 1
Motorola CR140 UHF 3
Motorola DR3000 VHF 2
Motorola DR3000 UHF 1
Vertex VXR9000E 25W UHF 3
Vertex VXR9000E 50W UHF 3
TP Radio RP2629/443 80 MHz 1
TP Radio KU2629/743 UHF 1
Procom DPF 2/6 H VHF 7
Motorola GFD6615A 2


Part number
Transport Accessories
Carry case for MTP700 Motorola PMLN4474  2
Belt clip for MTH800 Motorola FTN6302  4
Leather Carry case for DP ATEX Motorola PMLN6096  16
Belt clip for SP3500 Sailor 62-124320  3
Strap for SP3500 Sailor 41-124375-A  4
Belt Clip for C-C400 Savox V11289  6
Clothing Clip for C-C400 Savox V11689  1
Antenna VHF marine Procom CXL 2-1LW/l  1
Antenna for SP3500 Sailor 88-125662-B  2
Antenna for TP8000EX TP Radio AN809  100++
Antenna for TP8000EX TP Radio AN810  6
Antenna for TP8000EX TP Radio AN811  1
Antenna PMR 0 dB, 1/4 wave, 68-88 MHz TP Radio AN010  2
Antenna GPS 25dB, PMR 4 dB 385-475 MHz TP Radio AN168  3
Noise Cancelling Headset Kenwood 2pin Peltor MT53H79A-36  2
Noise Cancelling Headset Kenwood 2pin MSA Sordin 45120  2
Noise Cancelling Headset Kenwood multi-pin Peltor MT7H79A  6
Noise Cancelling Headset for DP1400 Peltor MT72H7A-21  2
Light Headset for GP340 No name RSH0226M4  7
Light Headset for CP040/DP1400 No name RSH0226M1  44
Charger for MTH800 Motorola NNTN7558  16
Charger for DP2000/3000/4000 Motorola WPLN4255  10
Charger for CP040/DP1400 Motorola PMLN5192  53
Charger for GP340 Motorola PMLN5196  155
Charger for SC20 Sepura 300-01624  1
Charger for SHR Sepura 300-00137  1
6 ways charger for GP340 Motorola HTN9005  24
6 ways charger for GP340 Motorola WPLN4197  5
6 ways charger for CP040/DP1400 Motorola NNTN8355  3
6 ways charger for CP040/DP1400 Motorola WPLN4171  2
6 ways charger for CP040/DP1400 No name    3
6 ways charger for HX Entel CSB400E  1
6 ways charger for VX400 Vertex VAC-6920  2
6 ways charger for GP340 Motorola WPLN4189  3
6 ways charger for MTP700 Motorola WPLN4109  15
6 ways charger for GP300 Motorola HTN9811  12
6 ways charger for KNB-33/KNB-58 EX Kenwood KSC-326  2
12V power supply for 6 ways charger Icom BC-157  1
Charger for SL1000/S5 Maxon CHL100L  2
6 ways charger for SL1000/S5 Maxon 6Way-CHL100L  1
Charger for SL100 Maxon ACC-400  5
Charger for SL70/SL200/SL600 Maxon SA-1120  2
Charger CH3505 for SP3500 Sailor 403005A  5
Charger for BP-232 Icom BC-160  57
Charger for BP-210 Icom BC-144  26
Charger for BP-210 Icom BC-146  2
Charger for BP-196 Icom BC-119  2
6 ways charger for BP-232 Icom BC-121  2
6 ways charger for BP-196 Icom BC-121  1
6 ways charger for BP-265 Icom BC-197  2
Charger for KNB-20 Kenwood KSC-24  2
Charger for KNB-14/KNB-15 Kenwood KSC-16  1
Charger for KNB-53/KNB-29 Kenwood KSC-31  10
Charger for KNB-33/KNB-53/KNB-58 Kenwood KSC-32


Charger for KNB-24/KNB-35/KNB-55/KNB-57 Kenwood KSC-25  
Charger for KNB-45/KNB-63/KNB-64 Kenwood KSC-35  
Charger cigarette lighter for KNB-29/KNB-30/KNB-45 Kenwood KVC-19  
Charger for KNB-29/KNB-45/KNB-53/KNB-63/KNB-65 Kenwood KSC-43  
Charger socket for BP-210 Entel CSAHT  15
Charger for HX Serie Entel CSA400E  9
Charger for FNB-V87LI Vertex CD-31  16
Charger for FNB-V86/FNB-V87/FNB-V92 Vertex CD-53  1
Vehicle charger for TP8000 TP Radio CS801  2
Vehicle charger for TP8000 TP Radio AH803  3
Programming charger for TP8000 TP Radio BL700  10
Charger TP Radio BL803  1
Earpieces and Microphones      
Remote microphone for GP340 No name SPK3000M4  76
Remote microphone for GP340 Motorola    15
Single wire earpiece for CP/DP1400 No name ACH4040M1  56
Remote microphone for CP040/DP1400 Motorola MDPMMN4013  87
Remote microphone for DM3400/4000 Motorola RMN5052  1
Desktop microphone for CM/GM Motorola RMN5068  34
Remote microphone for GP340 ATEX Otto V2-10228-S  20
Remote microphone for VX800/VX900 Vertex MH-66A7A  4
Remote microphone Multi-pin Kenwood KMC-41  15
Remote microphone ATEX Multi-pin Kenwood KMC-46EX  4
Remote microphone 2-pin Kenwood KMC-45  3
Earpiece for MTH800 Motorola FTN6583  13
Remote microphone for Mobile Icom HM-152  3
Remote microphone for TP8000EX TP Radio HM804EX  10
Microphone / speaker for TP8000EX TP Radio HE812  6
RSM C-C500 for Sepura STP8000 Savox L501362-11B1100  1
RSM C-C500 for Kenwood 2 pins Savox L501112-10B1100  3
RSM C-C500 for TP8000 Atlantis Savox K504102-10B1100  5
RSM C-C500 for Matra multipin Savox K504202-10B1100  6
RSM C-C550 for MTP850EX Savox L550102-11F1100  1
RSM C-C500 Ex for Sailor SP3530 Savox L500922-10F1130  1
Helmet unit HC-1 for C-C400/C-C500 Savox L52000  5
Helmet unit HC-E for C-C400/C-C500 Savox L52100  3
Helmet unit TM-1 for C-C400/C-C500 Savox L50580  2
Helmet unit MP-H EX for C-C400/C-C500 Savox K53256  2
Earpiece G-C for C-C400/C-C500 Savox K50517  2
Earpiece E-C for C-C400/C-C500 Savox K50519  2
Remote microphone MS-D for C-C400/C-C500 Savox K50495  1
Earpiece KM for C-C400/C-C500 Savox K50259  2
MP-H2 C-C400/C-C500 Savox K50617  1
Remote speaker mic for GP340Ex/GP380Ex Motorola PMMN4058  4
Remote speaker mic for GP340Ex/GP380Ex OTTO V2-10228-S  16
Other accesories      
Mounting bracket for CM/GM Motorola GLN7324AR  26
Desktop Tray for GM Motorola GLN7318  23
Speaker for GM Motorola HSN8145  6
12-24VDC Connection Cable for SP3500 Sailor 37-124381-B  4
Charger screw for CH3505 Sailor 67-124746-A  3
Combined control unit TP Radio BE-901  3
Adapter programming cable for BL800 TP Radio ST802  5
Fixing kit for chargers BL800 TP Radio AK801  3
Power cable TP Radio SK662  7
PTT C-C400 for P3G/TPH700 Savox L40442  2
PTT C-C400 for Niros TRX1012 ATEX Savox K40272  1
PTT C-C400 for GP900EX/GP900/GP1200 Savox K40112  2
PTT C-C300 for Niros TRX1012 ATEX Savox K310272  1
Mounting Kit for HC-1/HC-2/HC-E Savox V11468  3
Man Down Option Board for GP340 Motorola ENLN4150  11
Voice Storage Option Board for GP340 Motorola HLN9725  10
Milan II GPS Upgrade Kit for MTM800 Motorola GMRG4219  2
Data Tranceiver 80 MHz TP Radio WDM8405  1
Mobile Radio Base Power Supply Motorola GPN6145B  5


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