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Analog portables/mobiles

Motorola GP300 VHF 22
Motorola GP300 UHF1 2
Motorola GP300 UHF2 56
Motorola GP320 VHF 1
Motorola GP320 UHF 28
Motorola GP330 UHF 22
Motorola GP330 VHF 2
Motorola GP340 UHF 30
Motorola GP340 VHF 70
Motorola GP360 UHF 60
Motorola GP380 UHF 12
Motorola GP380 VHF 36
Motorola GP344 UHF 33
Motorola GP344 VHF 35
Motorola GP344R UHF 3
Motorola GP388 UHF 12
Motorola GP640 UHF 2
Motorola GP680 UHF 1
Motorola CP040 VHF 6
Motorola CP140 VHF 55
Motorola DP1400 analog VHF 4
Motorola GP340 ATEX Bleu UHF 70
Motorola GP340 ATEX Noir UHF 5
Motorola GP380 ATEX Noir UHF 1
Kenwood TK-3160 UHF 13
Kenwood TK-3170 UHF 10
Kenwood TK-2160 VHF 2
Kenwood TK-2170 VHF 2
Kenwood TK-3260EX UHF 2
Vertex VX-231 UHF 25
Vertex VX-924E UHF 30
Icom IC-F25S 9
Icom IC-F44GS 12
Icom IC-F44GS Mandown 4
Icom IC-F4022T 1
Icom IC-F4162T 2
Icom IC-F4GT 2
Icom IC-F4GS 1
Icom IC-F4GS Mandown 1
Icom IC-F12S 4
Icom IC-F22SR 1
Icom IC-F61 61
Icom IC-F3GT 1
TP Radio TP8405 4
TP Radio TP8205 3
TP Radio WDM8405 1
Motorola GM950 UHF 1
Motorola GM340 VHF 90
Motorola GM360 UHF 1
Motorola GM380 UHF 6
Motorola GM360 VHF 10
Motorola CM360 80 MHz 2
Motorola MTM800 UHF 1
Kenwood TK-7160 VHF 1
Kenwood TK-8160 UHF 2
Kenwood TK-8162 UHF 8

Digital portables/mobiles

Motorola SL1600 UHF 1
Motorola DP1400 digital VHF 3
Motorola DP1400 digital UHF 2
Motorola DP2400 VHF 1
Motorola DP2400 UHF 1
Motorola DP3400 UHF 100++++
Motorola DP3400 VHF 13
Motorola DP3401 VHF 55
Motorola DP3600 UHF 11
Motorola DP3600 450-512 MHz 2
Motorola DP3601 VHF 14
Motorola DP3441e VHF 1
Motorola DP4400e UHF 9
Motorola DP4600e UHF 6
Motorola DM4600e UHF 1
Kenwood NX-300SE UHF 12
Kenwood NX-800E UHF 1


Motorola GR340 UHF 2
Motorola CR340 UHF 3
Motorola CR340 VHF 1
Motorola CR360 VHF 1
Motorola CR140 UHF 3
Motorola DR3000 VHF 2
Motorola DR3000 UHF 1
Kenwood TKR-751 VHF 1
Vertex VXR9000E 25W UHF 3
Vertex VXR9000E 50W UHF 3
TP Radio RP2629/443 80 MHz 1
TP Radio KU2629/743 UHF 1
Procom DPF 2/6 H VHF 7
Motorola GFD6615A 2


Part number
Transport Accessories
Carry case for MTP700 Motorola PMLN4474  2
Belt clip for MTH800 Motorola FTN6302  4
Leather Carry case for DP ATEX Motorola PMLN6096  16
Belt clip for SP3500 Sailor 62-124320  3
Strap for SP3500 Sailor 41-124375-A  4
Belt Clip for C-C400 Savox V11289  6
Clothing Clip for C-C400 Savox V11689  1
Antenna VHF marine Procom CXL 2-1LW/l  1
Antenna VHF 3db Procom CXL 2-3LW/l  1
Antenna for SP3500 Sailor 88-125662-B  2
Antenna for TP8000EX TP Radio AN809  100++
Antenna for TP8000EX TP Radio AN810  6
Antenna for TP8000EX TP Radio AN811  1
Antenna PMR 0 dB, 1/4 wave, 68-88 MHz TP Radio AN010  2
Antenna GPS 25dB, PMR 4 dB 385-475 MHz TP Radio AN168  3
Noise Cancelling Headset Kenwood 2pin Peltor MT53H79A-36  2
Noise Cancelling Headset Kenwood 2pin MSA Sordin 45120  2
Noise Cancelling Headset Kenwood multi-pin Peltor MT7H79A  6
Noise Cancelling Headset for DP1400 Peltor MT72H7A-21  2
Light Headset for GP340 No name RSH0226M4  7
Light Headset for CP040/DP1400 No name RSH0226M1  44
Charger for MTH800 Motorola NNTN7558  16
Charger for DP2000/3000/4000 Motorola WPLN4255  10
Charger for CP040/DP1400 Motorola PMLN5192  53
Charger for GP340 Motorola PMLN5196  155
Charger for SC20 Sepura 300-01624  1
Charger for SHR Sepura 300-00137  1
6 ways charger for GP340 Motorola HTN9005  24
6 ways charger for GP340 Motorola WPLN4197  5
6 ways charger for CP040/DP1400 Motorola NNTN8355  3
6 ways charger for CP040/DP1400 Motorola WPLN4171  2
6 ways charger for CP040/DP1400 No name    3
6 ways charger for HX Entel CSB400E  1
6 ways charger for VX400 Vertex VAC-6920  2
6 ways charger for GP340 Motorola WPLN4189  3
6 ways charger for MTP700 Motorola WPLN4109  15
6 ways charger for GP300 Motorola HTN9811  12
6 ways charger for KNB-33/KNB-58 EX Kenwood KSC-326  2
12V power supply for 6 ways charger Icom BC-157  1
Charger for SL1000/S5 Maxon CHL100L  2
6 ways charger for SL1000/S5 Maxon 6Way-CHL100L  1
Charger for SL100 Maxon ACC-400  5
Charger for SL70/SL200/SL600 Maxon SA-1120  2
Charger CH3505 for SP3500 Sailor 403005A  5
Charger for BP-232 Icom BC-160  57
Charger for BP-210 Icom BC-144  26
Charger for BP-210 Icom BC-146  2
Charger for BP-196 Icom BC-119  2
6 ways charger for BP-232 Icom BC-121  2
6 ways charger for BP-196 Icom BC-121  1
6 ways charger for BP-265 Icom BC-197  2
Charger for KNB-20 Kenwood KSC-24  2
Charger for KNB-14/KNB-15 Kenwood KSC-16  1
Charger for KNB-53/KNB-29 Kenwood KSC-31  10
Charger for KNB-33/KNB-53/KNB-58 Kenwood KSC-32


Charger for KNB-24/KNB-35/KNB-55/KNB-57 Kenwood KSC-25  
Charger for KNB-45/KNB-63/KNB-64 Kenwood KSC-35  
Charger cigarette lighter for KNB-29/KNB-30/KNB-45 Kenwood KVC-19  
Charger for KNB-29/KNB-45/KNB-53/KNB-63/KNB-65 Kenwood KSC-43  
Charger socket for BP-210 Entel CSAHT  15
Charger for HX Serie Entel CSA400E  9
Charger for FNB-V87LI Vertex CD-31  16
Charger for FNB-V86/FNB-V87/FNB-V92 Vertex CD-53  1
Vehicle charger for TP8000 TP Radio CS801  2
Vehicle charger for TP8000 TP Radio AH803  3
Programming charger for TP8000 TP Radio BL700  10
Charger TP Radio BL803  1
Earpieces and Microphones      
Remote microphone for GP340 No name SPK3000M4  76
Remote microphone for GP340 Motorola HMN9052  12
Remote microphone for GP344 Motorola JMMN4073  14
Single wire earpiece for CP/DP1400 No name ACH4040M1  56
Remote microphone for CP040/DP1400 Motorola MDPMMN4013  87
Remote microphone for DM3400/4000 Motorola RMN5052  1
Desktop microphone for CM/GM Motorola RMN5068  34
Remote microphone for GP340 ATEX Otto V2-10228-S  20
Remote microphone for VX800/VX900 Vertex MH-66A7A  4
Remote microphone Multi-pin Kenwood KMC-41  15
Remote microphone ATEX Multi-pin Kenwood KMC-46EX  4
Remote microphone 2-pin Kenwood KMC-45  3
Remote microphone for mobile Kenwood KMC-30  10
Earpiece for MTH800 Motorola FTN6583  13
Remote microphone for Mobile Icom HM-152  3
Remote microphone for TP8000EX TP Radio HM804EX  10
Microphone / speaker for TP8000EX TP Radio HE812  6
RSM C-C500 for Sepura STP8000 Savox L501362-11B1100  1
RSM C-C500 for Kenwood 2 pins Savox L501112-10B1100  3
RSM C-C500 for TP8000 Atlantis Savox K504102-10B1100  5
RSM C-C500 for Matra multipin Savox K504202-10B1100  6
RSM C-C550 for MTP850EX Savox L550102-11F1100  1
RSM C-C500 Ex for Sailor SP3530 Savox L500922-10F1130  1
Helmet unit HC-1 for C-C400/C-C500 Savox L52000  5
Helmet unit HC-E for C-C400/C-C500 Savox L52100  3
Helmet unit TM-1 for C-C400/C-C500 Savox L50580  2
Helmet unit MP-H EX for C-C400/C-C500 Savox K53256  2
Earpiece G-C for C-C400/C-C500 Savox K50517  2
Earpiece E-C for C-C400/C-C500 Savox K50519  2
Remote microphone MS-D for C-C400/C-C500 Savox K50495  1
Earpiece KM for C-C400/C-C500 Savox K50259  2
MP-H2 C-C400/C-C500 Savox K50617  1
Remote speaker mic for GP340Ex/GP380Ex Motorola PMMN4058  4
Remote speaker mic for GP340Ex/GP380Ex OTTO V2-10228-S  16
Other accesories      
Mounting bracket for CM/GM Motorola GLN7324AR  26
Desktop Tray for GM Motorola GLN7318  23
Speaker for GM Motorola HSN8145  6
12-24VDC Connection Cable for SP3500 Sailor 37-124381-B  4
Charger screw for CH3505 Sailor 67-124746-A  3
Combined control unit TP Radio BE-901  3
Adapter programming cable for BL800 TP Radio ST802  5
Fixing kit for chargers BL800 TP Radio AK801  3
Power cable TP Radio SK662  7
PTT C-C400 for P3G/TPH700 Savox L40442  2
PTT C-C400 for Niros TRX1012 ATEX Savox K40272  1
PTT C-C400 for GP900EX/GP900/GP1200 Savox K40112  2
PTT C-C300 for Niros TRX1012 ATEX Savox K310272  1
Mounting Kit for HC-1/HC-2/HC-E Savox V11468  3
Man Down Option Board for GP340 Motorola ENLN4150  11
Voice Storage Option Board for GP340 Motorola HLN9725  10
Milan II GPS Upgrade Kit for MTM800 Motorola GMRG4219  2
Data Tranceiver 80 MHz TP Radio WDM8405  1
Mobile Radio Base Power Supply Motorola GPN6145B  5
Desktop Power Supply for Motorola Alfatronix AD MT3100  5
Desktop Power Supply for Kenwood Alfatronix AD KW TK-7102  3
Desktop Power Supply for Kenwood Alfatronix AD KW TK-7160  5
Desktop Power Supply for Kenwood Alfatronix AD KW TK-762  2
Desktop Power Supply for Icom Alfatronix AD IC IC-F1010  2


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