Rental two-way radio equipments

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MOBILE TEAM offers flexible solutions for your occasional or seasonal needs, we have custom made rental solutions for the following :

The Advantages of our solutions

MOBILE TEAM offers you :

  • Skill : two-way radio specialists, MOBILE TEAM has the knowledge to give you the best solution
  • Reactivity : depending upon the quantities and the equipment you have chosen, we will do our best to take care of the totality of your order within 10 days
  • Flexibility : standard rental or complete management solutions of your inventory, from 20 to more than 1000 units, we can adapt to your needs
  • Availability : our stock composed of more than 1000 products enables us to repond quickly
  • Savings : we provide a cheaper alternative to the storing of your leftover stock or equipment



Flexible rental solutions

When it comes to setting up a ski resort for a season or supplying two-way radio equipment for a sporting event, your technological needs can be truly different.


MOBILE TEAM offers you a range of two-way radios, which you can choose specifically depending upon your needs:

  • Radio to complete your parc or in principal
  • Old or new generation equipment
  • Short or long term : from 2 days to 6 months
  • From 2 to 200 units
  • In option: repeaters, batteries, chargers ...


For example, we can rent out :

MOBILE TEAM also offers financial solutions on leasing, enabling you to:


                                                   • Preserve cash
                  • Preserve your debt capacity as rents are recognized as an expense
                                              • Plannify your budgets
                 • Renew the park according to its projects, not its budgetary constraints
                                  • No longer manage accounting assets

                                                     With flexibility:

                                 • CREDIT-BAIL or LONG DURATION RENTAL (LLD)
       • A contract of 12 to 60 months, starting from 1500 € HT of investment and without limit.
                                        • Monthly or quarterly deadlines.
                                 • Linear, progressive or degressive rents.

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