Digital Repeaters

Vertex Standard VXD-R70 / VXDR70

Vertex Standard VXD-R70

- Easy Digital Conversion: Operate in Analogue or Digital Mode
- Digital Doubles Call Capacity With One Licence
- Continuous Performance with Power Supply Backup
- Multicoloured LED Status Indicator
- 16 Channel capacity
- EIA Rack mount size
- AMBE+2™ Digital vocoder
- 26-Pin accessory connector

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Vertex Standard
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Digital Repeaters : Vertex Standard VXD-R70 / VXDR70 vertex-standard-vxd-r70.jpg

Vertex Standard VXD-R70 / VXDR70

  • VXD R70
    VXDR70-D0-45 (CE) VHF 136-174 MHz 25-45 W Repeater
  • VXD R70
    VXDR70-G6-40 (CE) UHF 403-470 MHz 25-40 W Repeater
  • VXD R70
    VXDR70-G7-40 (CE) UHF 450-512 MHz 25-40 W Repeater
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