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Kenwood NX-320E refurbished
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Kenwood NX-320E Walkie Talkie, new battery

Characteristics :

- UHF: 400-470 MHz (NX-320E)
- 260 channels / 128 zones
- Power 5W
- Digital channels 6.25 and 12.5 kHz
- PTI: vertical detection, isolated worker, motion detection (option), panic detection (option)
- Conventional digital mode / trunk mode
- Conventional FM mode
- Mixed mode
- DTMF encoding / decoding
- Emergency call function
- Connector accessories
- NXDN Scrambler
- Multi-scanning
- IP54 / 55

The package includes:

- 1 NX-320E transceiver
- 1 battery KNB-57LM
- 1 charger KSC25E
- 1 belt clip
- 1 antenna
- 1 user manual

What is the reconditioned equipment?

Buying used equipment can sometimes be perilous for the buyer, unless this purchase is made with professionals whose business it is.
The reconditioned equipments we offer are used equipments that we test and repair completely.
All the reconditioned units that leave our workshops have followed a precise process:

- Diagnosis through different tests according to the categories of products.
- Repair and replacement of defective parts.
- Cleaning or replacement of hulls, screens ... depending on the products and the type of services.
- Final test for control.

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Second Hand and Refurbished : Kenwood NX-320E refurbished kenwood-nx320.jpg

Kenwood NX-320E refurbished

  • NX320E
    NX320 E UHF 400 – 470 MHz refurbished
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