Licence-free Digital Portables

Motorola XT660

Motorola XT660D is an innovative licence free DMR two way radio.

- Dual mode digital/analogue
- 1.5W audio output
- 128 channels Up to 20 hours battery life (5/5/90)
- IP55 rating
- Enhanced calling in digital mode: individual, group & all-call Full
- keypad for texting: up to 128 characters & option for up to 50 pre-programmed messages
- Remote monitor & control of target radios: remote monitor, remote check, disable/enable
- Call recording & playback: record important conversations up to 3 minutes long per recording & space for 5 recordings.
- Playback from the radio as and when required.

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Motorola XT660

  • XT660D
    The Motorola XT660d – Digital 446 Unlicensed Business Radio
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