Licence-free Analog Portables

Motorola XT420
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Motorola XT420

(XT400 series)

- Operates on license and subscription-free PMR446 frequencies
- 8 Channels
- On/off/volume control knob
- 16-position channel/code selector knob
- Autoscan
- Battery Save
- USB CPS Interface
- Radio Mic Gain
- Accessory Mic Gain
- Scan and Scan List
- Voice scrambling for extra privacy
- Time-Out Timer
- Compatible with XTNi Audio Accessories

Standard Package Comprises :

- XT400 SERIES Radio
- Standard Li-Ion Battery
- Standard Drop-in Charging Tray and Power Supply (Option)
- Swivel Holster
- User Guide and Safety Manual

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Motorola XT420

  • RMP0166BHNAA
    Motorola XT420 Non-Display
  • RMP0166BHLAA
    Motorola XT420 Non-Display & Charger
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