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Don't throw away your old equipments ...

Reprise - rachat d'équipements de radiocommunication Talkie-Walkies MOBILE TEAM

Have you recently upgraded your equipment, and is your leftover stock no longer useful ?

Mobile Team can give your equipment a second life! Our system reduces waste, prevents the use of landfills, and provides you with a greener solution.

MOBILE TEAM acts environmentally by bying your leftover equipment:

  • Professional two-way radio
  • Licence-free two-way radio
  • Accessories (chargers, remote speaker microphone ...)


Not only is this system financially beneficial, it also lets you contribute to an environmentally friendly exchange, as you pay less to recycle the same products in a greener manner.

We can offer you many different solutions for the buyback of your redundant ...

Working in security, industry, transport, logistic, leisure, or events sectors, and often have leftover equipment destined to destruction?

After having discussed and reviewed the configuration and settled upon the amount of your leftover two-way radio equipment, we propose to buy these back from you.

MOBILE TEAM refurbishes your leftover equipment and gives them a second life!

MOBILE TEAM offers an envionmentally friendly option for companies wishing to get rid of their leftover radiocommunication equipment; by:

- gathering the leftover equipment where you desire, at our expense

- guaranteeing a second life for your leftover equipment, in an environmentally friendly manner

- relieving you of your possibly hazardous equipment, for both ethical and security reasons

- providing you with a certifcate ensuring the agreement between MOBILE TEAM and you to dismantle and reuse the leftover equipment

What advantages are there for you?

  • Cut the cost of recycling your leftover stock
  • Lower the transport costs for the clearance of your leftover equipment
  • Finance the new equipments using the older ones
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