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Aastra Matra 630D / A630D reconditionné refurbished

Aastra Mobile DECT 630D


Features of Aastra Mobile DECT 630 D :
- 3 colour multi-purpose LED, which can be set for visualisation of functions
- Up to 5 user profiles for e.g. Headset or meeting usage can be configured
- TFT-colour display (2“, 176 x 220 dots; 65,536 colours)
- Telephone book with 200 contacts*, with 5 possible entries, each: office, private and mobile number; email address* and ringing tone* assignment
- Ambient noise filter for loud environments
- 44 polyphone (Midi type) and 8 normal ring tones with automatic volume control can be assigned
- Hands free operation
- Headset connector (2.5 mm jack) and Bluetooth® headset support
- 1 programmable Hotkey for numbers or functions
- 2 programmable navigation keys
- 3 programmable side Keys
- 1 Emergency key on top
- Intelligent battery management
- Mini USB – PC interface
- Illuminated keypad
- Handset name can be edited
- Display background image can be selected
- Display brilliancy adjustable
- Colour scheme can be selected
- Different ring tones for: Internal / External-calls, Messages, Alarm call, Emergency call*
- Ring tone volume adjustable
- Ring tone off (shortcut: Asterisk key)
- Key lock (shortcut: # key)
- 3 Soft keys for menu control two of which are programmable
- Signal tones for key click, confirmation, battery empty, out of range
- Different Earpiece-, Speaker-, Headset volume
- 3 character fonts for text display in different sizes
- Display with 7 Text lines, 1 Headline and 1 Soft key line
- Illumination time for display and keypad can be adjusted separately
- Background light of the display can be switched on permanently with dim function
- Alarm- and appointment settings for 3 different times each*
- Automatic / Manual key lock
- Telephone lock with 4-digit PIN
- Automatic answer when taken off the charger
- Silent charging
- Trembler for vibra-call
- Caller list with 50 entries*
- Redial list with 30 entries*
- Display languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Norwegian and Russian*
- Keys for volume control
- Time and Date (manually or by PABX*)
- Man down, no movement and escape alarm

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Aastra Matra
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Mobile Phone : Aastra Matra 630D / A630D reconditionné refurbished aastra-a630d.jpg

Aastra Matra 630D / A630D reconditionné refurbished

  • Aastra A630D
    Aastra Mobile DECT A630D refurbished
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