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Nortel M3820 reconditionné refurbished

Nortel M3820


The Meridian Option M3820, also known as the Nortel Meridian M3820, is the most advanced telephone of the Meridian Option Orion range and is compatible with the Nortel Meridian 1 system. It is ideal for users who make frequent calls, such as executives, managers and personal assistants, or for those who rely on a telephone which gives easy and quick access to their stored contacts. The thirteen line/feature keys of the M3820 model can be increased to fifty seven with the addition of up to two M3022 Key Modules. These feature keys can be configured in any combination, as required.
The Meridian Option M3820 is available from MF Communications in black or grey, fully tested & remanufactured & boxed like new, with a warranty.
The part number for the M3820 is NTDL23

Key Features of the Meridian Option M3820 :
- 3 Configurable feature keys
- 2 x 24 character display
- On-hook dialling
- Group Listening
- Speaker/Mute Indicator
- Message Waiting Indicator
- Headset Facility
- Directory list supporting 75 entries
- Callers List supporting 20 entries
- Redial list supporting 5 entries
- Volume control

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Nortel M3820 reconditionné refurbished

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