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Nortel I2002 reconditionné refurbished

Nortel I2002


The Nortel Networks IP Phone i2002 Black Phase 1 part number NTDU91BA70 is a standards based, Internet Protocol, desktop telephone. This phone will work on both the Nortel BCM50 systems as well as the the Index. The phone is often rebranded and will work on the Timico voip network. Nortel offer a great range of IP Telephone. There are 4 different models in the I20xx series. These are the i2001, i2002, i2004 and the i2007. There is also the 12xx series inluding the 1210, 1220 and 1230. The latest version is the 11xx series. These are now manufactured by Avaya and include 1110, 1120 and the 1140.

Features :
- Four Programmable Line/Feature Keys - these enable quick access to features or speed dialling.
- Four Context-Sensitive Soft Label keys -  for controlling display-based features for improved productivity.
- 4x24 Character LCD Display
- Thirteen Fixed Keys - including Hold, Goodbye, Mute, Volume Up/Down, Services, Expand-to-PC, Inbox, Headset, Handsfree, Directory, Outbox and Quit.
- Four-way (left, right, up, down arrow) Navigation Cluster - for use in accessing the information and services on the LCD display
- Speakerphone - integrated high-quality audio speakerphone.
- Crystal Clear Handsfree - full-duplex handsfree is crystal clear by incorporating a narrowband speaker in combination with acoustic echo cancellation.
- Integrated Amplifier - for direct connection to third-party headsets.
- Supports External Application Servers - (XAS) for text-based data application and web transformation services.
- Wall Mountable
- Text and Icon Keycap Models - for global deployments.

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Nortel I2002 reconditionné refurbished

  • Nortel I2002
    Nortel I 2002 ip refurbished
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