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Aastra Matra 57I Anthracite reconditionné refurbished

Aastra 55i Anthracite


Features :
- XML Browser: The Aastra 57i is equipped with XML browser capabilities allowing access to customized services and applications tailored to the specific needs of your business
- Advanced Call Management: The 57i has a large memory capacity for personal directory, call log. It also provides functions such as shared call, the call forwarding or call waiting to help you manage your communications.
- Simplified deployment: Posts 5i range have advanced features that allow you considerable time savings for your initial deployment operations or for updates to your configurations. Via a simple text editor you can configure your desktops individually or centrally. Positions have an Ethernet switch with "Power Over Ethernet" ports.

- Self-powered by 2 Ethernet ports (PoE: Power over Ethernet)
- LCD backlit graphic 11 lines
- 12 programmable keys direct functions
- 4 call appearance lines with LED
- Supports up to 9 lines
- Connect up to 3 expansion modules (optional) Aastra 536M and / or Aastra 560M
- XML browser to customize your applications
- Power line eliminates power adapters
- Handsfree - decision-hook dialing
- Full Duplex Speakerphone
- Directory for up to 200 names and numbers
- Log of the last 100 calls
- 3-way conference
- Caller ID
- Headphone jack
- Secret key, bis
- Call Transfer
- Adjusting the volume on 2 keys
- Key Services: Provides access to services and options that allow you to customize your phone
- Double call key: Pause a communication to make an inquiry call
- Time / date display / call duration
- Keypad lock

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Aastra Matra
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IP Phone : Aastra Matra 57I Anthracite reconditionné refurbished aastra-57i.jpg

Aastra Matra 57I Anthracite reconditionné refurbished

  • Aastra 57I
    Aastra 57I Anthracite refurbished
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