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Inmarsat IsatPhonePro


IsatPhone Pro is the satellite phone that really meets your needs. This world-first Inmarsat handset has been specially developed for the world's most reliable satellite communications network and guarantees the quality of voice you can expect from a market leader.
This phone is designed to work in virtually any condition: torrential rain or sandstorm, hot or cold heat, tropical humidity or freezing fog. As for the battery, it will not fail you when you are in the middle of nowhere because it has the longest autonomy of the market. And no need for satellite phones to be complicated: discover for yourself the simplicity of the IsatPhone Pro.


The package includes:
- 1 Battery
- 1 Universal AC charger (4 adapters)
- 1 car charger 10-30 V
- 1 PC charger via micro-USB cable
- 1 Wired handsfree headset
- 1 Wrist Strap
- 1 Getting Started Guide (8 languages)
- 1 Support CD (Documentation and Applications)


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Inmarsat IsatPhonePro

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