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CEIA SMD600 Plus

SMD600 Plus

The SMD600 Plus is a high sensitivity metal detection gantry designed to meet the most stringent safety requirements. This new model offers great uniformity of detection and discrimination regardless of the speed of passage. It also has excellent immunity to electrical and mechanical interference.

Fully compliant with NIJ-0601.02
Standard NIJ 0601.02 specifies the requirements in terms of sensitivity, discrimination and immunity for judicial and penal institutions. The standard defines three levels of safety: LO level (large objects); Level MO (objects of medium dimension); Level SO (small objects). The SMD600 Plus fully complies with the requirements of NIJ0601.02 for all required safety levels. It can therefore be used equally for the control of visitors or detainees at inspection posts, even if they are located in areas with electrical and mechanical interference.

Very High Sensitivity

The SMD600 Plus detects the smallest metal objects hidden on or in the human body

    - Very precise detection of single or multiple metal objects. The SMD600 Plus is a high sensitivity metal detection gantry. An absolute requirement when a very small metal object must be detected on a person or in a cavity of the human body.
    - Fast, precise and uniform analysis of all parts of the body passing through the portico (all the passage volume of the portico is explored). A light bar displays the location of the detected object over the entire height of the gantry. This feature quickly identifies where the threat is located and eliminates the need for a palpation search.
    - Included programs to control visitors and staff to detect weapons and prohibited items

Very High Discrimination:

    - The detection technology makes it possible to disregard personal effects in order to facilitate the passage. The magnetic scanning technology invented by CEIA since the manufacture of its first cameras in 1986 provides excellent results in terms of detection and discrimination. The SMD600 Plus provides a very low false alarm rate even if the level of safety requested is very high. As a result, it ensures high throughput flow with minimal intervention by inspection staff.

Advanced Alarm Indication:

    - 4 multi-zone display bars programmable as input indicator and / or location display. An intelligent and precise alarm system allows a better use of the gantry. The photoelectric cells are fully configurable, both sides of the gantry can indicate the location areas separately or together and be configured to regulate access to the persons to be controlled.
    - Flexible sound signaling system: 10 continuous and pulsed tones; 34 special sounds
    - 10 configurable sound levels. A complete acoustic alarm system allows you to customize the tone and intensity of the signal with a wide choice of continuous or pulsed tones of varying intensity. Dynamic sound control allows operation in noisy environments.

Accessible security functions:

    - Up to 50 Integrated Security Programs: Up to 30 International Standards; Up to 20 programmable levels. The safety level setting can not be simpler than the SMD600 Plus. Users can directly choose from among the known International Standards or define a Custom Standard. Users can also create their own work program and store it in internal memory.
    - Smart card system for quick, simple and safe parameter change (modifiable parameters: alarm and tone volume, reading of the transit counter, etc.)
    - Strengthens all safety programs with a programmable random alarm system

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CEIA SMD600 Plus

  • SMD600 Plus
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