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Stella Doradus Amplificateur GSM Stella Office 5 bandes

StellaOffice 5band | Boosts all 5 mobile frequency bands for your Office

Ref : SD-RP-1000LGDWH-4

    -Provides GSM+3G+4G  signal for large buildings.
    -Frequency: 800+900+1800+2100+2600Mhz.
    -Coverage: 1000m2 X 4
    -Cover all mobile frequencies. 4G future proofed.
    -No need for existing broadband connection.
    -100 people can use this booster at the same time.
    -Longer battery life for all your devices
    -Maintain seamless mobile connection when moving from outside to inside building.
    -3 LED Indicator: gives power, feedback and communication information to installer.
    -6 LED Signal Power indicator: Helps installer align outside antenna to correct mobile tower.
    -2 year StellaDoradus Guarantee.
    -Complete operator protection

Complete operator protection built in:
    -Oscillation / interference detection.
    -Automatic Gain Control /adjustment.
    -Uplink switch off ( repeater is on standby until a phone call is made / data is passed.)
    -Base station proximity aware. System winds down power when very close to base stations in cities.

This repeater insures you cover all available networks: GSM, 3G and 4G.

Used for large buildings where the indoor coverage is weak or non existent.

The Stellaoffice 5 band booster is very useful for offices where people will be using many different operators and will be using voice, email and 3G/4G internet. All options are covered so  you don’t need to think about which frequency to use.

This booster has 4 indoor antennas. Each antenna will amplify 1000m2.

Total = 4000m2 coverage.

What you get in the kit:
    -1 Outdoor  Yagi antenna.
    -1 Length of coaxial cable LMR400 from the outdoor antenna to the  amplifier. (15m).
    -1 StellaOffice 5 band signal booster..
    -4 Indoor panel antennas.
    -3 Individual lengths(15m)  of coaxial cable(LMR240) to connect the internal panel antennas.*
    -1 Power supply.

*One panel connects directly to the repeater so a fourth cable is not needed.

Please contact us to customize this kit to your needs.

(The indoor coverage can be increased up to  64,000m2 if neccessary)

Reminder regulation :It is not possible to install and use a GSM repeater (or UMTS) in France without having the appropriate administrative authorization or without the formal agreement of the operators involved in the frequencies emitted by the transponder. Failure to comply with these provisions exposes the violator to criminal sanctions under Article L 39-1. In addition, the same offender may be notified of a tax in the amount of € 450, introduced by Article 45 II of the Finance Act 1987 as amended, for intervention costs incurred by the administration.

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Stella Doradus Amplificateur GSM Stella Office 5 bandes

  • SD-RP-1002LGDWH-4
    Amplificateur GSM Stella Office 5 bandes
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