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Stella Doradus Amplificateur GSM Stella Home 2600 (4G)

Amplifier kit Stella Home boosts 4G mobile signals 2600MHz

Ref : SD-RP1000-H

The amplifier kit Stella Home boosts 4G mobile signals 2600MHz in your home and office.

Its operation is simple: GSM 2600MHz amplifier collects all available frequencies in your area, amplifies it and sends it to the inside of your home.
4G, the fourth generation of standards for mobile phones, successor of 2G and 3G allows "highly mobile broadband", that is to say, data transmissions in excess of 100 Mb / s speeds.
Officialy launched November 28, 2012, 4G for the "general public" is allowed to develop gradually in all the cities of France.
If you live in a city where 4G is already available, the amplifier GSM 4G Stella Home 2600 is ideal.
It allows you to amplify the received signal to restore optimally and allow you to bring a better quality of data transmission.

Main features of the kit amplifier GSM 4G StellaHome :

- Boosts 4G 2600MHz in your home
- Suitable for voice and data (telephone and Internet)
- Detection of Feedback. AGC adjustment.

How to install a GSM 4G StellaHome2600 amplifier?

The amplifier StellaHome2600 4G is easily installed in minutes. simply attach the external antenna as high as possible on your roof.
You then wire the coaxial cable to the amplifier 4G Stellahome 2600, and set the internal antenna on the wall. Now you just need to connect the power supply repeater and voila!

Reminder regulation:   It is not possible to install and use a GSM repeater (or UMTS) in France without having the appropriate administrative authorization or without the formal agreement of the operators involved in the frequencies emitted by the transponder. Failure to comply with these provisions exposes the violator to criminal sanctions under Article L 39-1. In addition, the same offender may be notified of a tax in the amount of € 450, introduced by Article 45 II of the Finance Act 1987 as amended, for intervention costs incurred by the administration.

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Stella Doradus Amplificateur GSM Stella Home 2600 (4G)

  • SD-RP1002-H
    Amplificateur GSM Stella Home 2600 (4G)
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