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Stella Doradus Amplificateur GSM Stella Drive 900

StellaDrive900 Repeater | Boost call reception in your car

Ref : SD-VA-G

    -Amplifies mobile signal in your vehicle
    -No more dropped calls, fast data speeds
    -Frequency 900Mhz
    -2 year StellaDoradus Guarantee
    -30 day money back guarantee
    -Easy Installation
    -Complete operator network protection.

The StellaDrive900 Car mobile signal booster overview:
The StellaDrive Car mobile signal booster  amplifies GSM mobile signal in your car. Once installed, it will capture and amplify any available signal at 900Mhz it can find, even in those poor coverage locations where your calls get dropped.

Even if there is only a weak signal available. the StellaDrive900 kit will collect it, clean it and amplify it into your car, so that you may enjoy some peace of mind.

    -No more dropped calls
    -Confidence on the go.
    -Fast internet data on your phone*

(*if your operator transmits data at 900Mhz)

The StellaDrive kit comes with:
    -One magnet mounted omnidirectional antenna.
    -One StellaDrive900 repeater
    -One 12v Power plug.
    -One Clingo car phone holder with induction pad.

How your Car mobile signal booster works:
The high gain antenna which is magnet mounted to your car roof collects any available GSM signal. This signal is fed down the cable to the car mobile signal booster placed under the front seat of the vehicle.

There, the signal is amplified. A cable then feeds this amplified signal to the car phone holder which is suction mounted to your dash/ windscreen, and the signal is induced  into your phone.

The car mobile signal booster  is powered with the 12 volt supply from the cigarette lighter. Check the installation tab above for details how to install.

Reminder regulation : It is not possible to install and use a GSM repeater (or UMTS) in France without having the appropriate administrative authorization or without the formal agreement of the operators involved in the frequencies emitted by the transponder. Failure to comply with these provisions exposes the violator to criminal sanctions under Article L 39-1. In addition, the same offender may be notified of a tax in the amount of € 450, introduced by Article 45 II of the Finance Act 1987 as amended, for intervention costs incurred by the administration.

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Stella Doradus Amplificateur GSM Stella Drive 900

  • SD-VA-G
    Amplificateur GSM Stella Drive 900
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