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Stella Doradus Amplificateur GSM bi-bande Stella Office

StellaOffice GSM + 4G repeater | 900Mhz + 1800Mhz

Ref : SD-RP1000-GD-4

    -Provides GSM + 4G  signal for your Home
    -No need for existing broadband connection
    -100 people can use this booster at the same time.
    -Frequency 900Mhz + 1800Mhz
    -Coverage 4000m2
    -2 year StellaDoradus Guarantee
    -30 day money back guarantee
    -Complete operator network protection.
    -AGC, ASO, Location aware, OC

How it works:
    -The antenna on the building roof receives the mobile signals at 900Mhz and 1800Mhz.
    -These signals are sent via coaxial cable to the  signal booster placed within the building
    -The StellaOffice GSM+4G repeater then amplifies 900Mhz  and 1800Mhz mobile signals.
    -The 4 internal antennas sends these amplified signals around your office.
    -It is used for large installations where there may be different levels or internal solid walls.
    -It has 4 indoor antennas and covers 4 areas of 1000Mt2 each. So in total, it will amplify 4000Mt2.

Ideal for large scale commercial use eg. hotels, hospitals, office buildings with many levels, underground basements, restaurants,  airport, large shopping centres etc.

The 4 port StellaOffice GSM+ 4G repeater kit contains:
    -External high gain antenna
    -15Mt high quality cable
    -StellaOffice GSM+ 4G repeater
    -4 indoor antennas
    -3 Individual lengths of coaxial cable(15m) to connect the internal panel antennas.*
    -power supply
*One panel connects directly to the repeater so a fourth cable is not needed

Reminder regulation : It is not possible to install and use a GSM repeater (or UMTS) in France without having the appropriate administrative authorization or without the formal agreement of the operators involved in the frequencies emitted by the transponder. Failure to comply with these provisions exposes the violator to criminal sanctions under Article L 39-1. In addition, the same offender may be notified of a tax in the amount of € 450, introduced by Article 45 II of the Finance Act 1987 as amended, for intervention costs incurred by the administration.

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Stella Doradus
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Stella Doradus Amplificateur GSM bi-bande Stella Office

  • SD-RP1002-GD-4
    Amplificateur GSM bi-bande Stella Office
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