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Extronics iCAM501 Ultra


! Product no longer available by Extronics, replaced by ICAM502 !

Intrinsically Safe Zone 0 Digital Camera With Auto Focus

Rugged Housing - Compact & Lightweight
The injection moulded anti-static plastic housing and
removable silicon rubber casing makes the iCAM502 suitable
for use in the most arduous environments. The elegant form
factor lends itself to single handed operation and weighing
less than 200g is convenient to carry in your pocket.

Super Bright 4 LED Flash
The powerful integrated flash allows for picture capture in
very poor light conditions. Variable flash technology provides
the correct amount of illumination required reducing
flashback on reflective objects.

Image Quality Feedback
In order to give users instant feedback on picture quality, the
3 LED lights flash simultaneously with an audible beep to
signify the image taken should be of good quality.

Voice Annotations
Never forget - record voice notes to store a .wav file with the
same filename as the image taken for detailed reports.

Advanced Image Sharpness Analysis
High quality images are produced every time, minimising the
possibility of blurring.

Date & Time Stamp on Image
Clear chronological information on the image and within the
filename allows for easy identification of a particular shot

High Performance Auto-Focus Lens
High resolution images at distance provide greater detail of
equipment or larger areas such as plant rooms and buildings.
Auto-focus lens produces pin-sharp images as close as 5cm
from the object.

1GB Memory
Allows for a much higher level of visual/audible data storage
Hold approximately 5,000 JPEG images without any audio
recording and additional 960Kbytes per minute for audio

Simple Data Transfer
3 Simple Steps— open, connect via a USB port and transfer
data utilising the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP). Certified for
direct connection to any PC in the safe area without requiring
an external protection barrier.

Powered by Primary Cells
Certified for use with leading brand alkaline cells means the
camera is always ready to use any time, any place.

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Extronics iCAM501 Ultra

  • iCAM 501U
    iCAM501 Ultra Intrinsically safe zone 0 digital camera
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