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MSA SORDIN NEXUS PTT System M9177/5/5-2 (U-94A/U)

NEXUS PTT System M9177/5/5-2 (U-94A/U)

The Nexus M9177/5-2 (U-94A/U) is a Single Com PTT system.
The housing is of a compact and rugged design. It has a splash proof black body with a
robust click switch and a clip for attaching to clothing. It has a 520 mm coiled cable
between the box and the radio interface.
See available interface and ordering numbers below.

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Headsets Accessories  : MSA SORDIN NEXUS PTT System M9177/5/5-2 (U-94A/U) msa-sor75903.jpg

MSA SORDIN NEXUS PTT System M9177/5/5-2 (U-94A/U)

  • SOR75903-015
    EADS THR880/THR880i
  • SOR75903-007
    ICOM F3, F3S, F4, F4S, F4TR ,F10, IC-H2, H6, J12, M5, U12, U16, IC4008, 4088A
  • SOR75903-009
    KENWOOD TK-272G/372G, TK3130 ProTalk XLS, TK-3131 Free Talk XLS, TK- 220/320, 240/340, 240D/340D, TK208/308, 430/431, 250/350/353, TK260/270, 260G/360G, 360/370
  • SOR75903-008
    LAFAYETTE Micro3+
  • SOR75903-003
    MAXON SP120, SP130, SP140, SL25, SL55, SL55+
  • SOR75903-010
    MAXONS P-200, SP210, SL100 & Legacy Series-PL1145, PL2245, PL2215P, PL2245P, PL2415, PL2445, PL5161, PL5164
  • SOR75903-008
  • SOR75903-001
    MOTOROLA HT750, HT1250, HT1250LS, HT1550, MTX850, MTX8250, MTX910:50 17/01/20110/MTX9250, GP140, GP320, GP328, GP338, GP340, GP360, GP380, GP640, GP1280
  • SOR75903-002
    MOTOROLA GP300, CP040, SP50, P110, P145, P165, P185 P-1225, LTS2000, CP88, CP150, CP200, CT150, CT250, CT450, CT450LS, GP308, P080, P2000, PRO2150, PRO3150, CP140, P080, GP68, GP88, PR400 ,SP10, SP21, XTN500, XTN600, PRO1150, CP100, PMR446
  • SOR75903-005
    MOTOROLA XTS3000/Astro, XTS3500, XTS2500/XTS5000 & HT-1000 Series (HT-1000, MT2000, MTS3000, MTX8000, MTX838, MTX9000, MTX-LS, JT1000), GP900
  • SOR75903-011
    MOTOROLA GP-344/388,GP-328+/338+, EX-500/600, GL-2000
  • SOR75903-014
    SEPURA SRP2000
  • SOR75903-006B
    THALES PRC-148
  • SOR75903-007
    VERTEX/YAESU VX-310, VX200, VX500, VX-510L, VX-520U
  • SOR75903-012
    VERTEX/YAESU VX-210 , VX-210A, VX-150, VX-160, VX-180, VX-246
  • SOR75903-013
    VERTEX/YAESU VX-820, VX-821, VX-824, VX-829, VX-920, VX-921, VX-924, VX-929
  • SOR75903-007
    ZODIAC BT-series, BT-160, BT-31
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